Firewall toolkit V1.0 release

Firewall toolkit V1.0 release

                        TIS Firewall Toolkit

		  Trusted Information Systems, Inc.
		        October 20, 1993

	Version 1.0 of the TIS network firewall toolkit is now available
for anonymous FTP from, in directory pub/firewalls/toolkit

Trusted Information Systems, Inc. (TIS) is pleased to provide the TIS
Firewall Toolkit, a software kit for building and maintaining
internetwork Firewalls.  It is distributed in source code form, with
all modules written in the C programming language and runs on many
BSD UNIX derived platforms. The Toolkit is being made available for
use as specified in the license agreement (LICENSE).

The firewall toolkit is a set of programs, configuration practices,
and documentation intended to help individuals who are trying to build
internet firewalls. Included with the kit are complete sources for FTP,
rlogin, and telnet application proxies, user authentication management,
compartmented SMTP, and logging/log reduction.

TIS maintains the electronic-mail users' group <>
for discussion of the toolkit.  To join, send electronic mail to

TIS Firewall Toolkit technical questions, license issues, bug reports,
etc. should be addressed to <>.

Information about other TIS network security products or commercial
licensing requests should be sent to <> or by telephone to
(301) 854-6889.

The contents of pub/firewalls/toolkit are as follows:
README                  - This file
fwtk-doc-only.tar.Z     - Toolkit documentation
fwtk.tar.Z              - Toolkit sources and Makefiles (no documentation)
US-only                 - Directory containing US-only software. If you
                          are not accessing this from a site in the US or
                          canada you will not be able to FTP these files.
			  The toolkit is still useable without these files.