Fighting Spam

Instructor: Fred Avolio, Avolio Consulting, Inc.

Spam -- also known as Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) -- is not only an annoyance. It costs our companies money, and the larger the organization, the greater the cost. Similar to the truism for security mechanisms, there is no 100% effective solution to counter spam in a usable system. There are available tools and techniques to fight spam. The trick is to balance the cost of dealing with it and the cost of ignoring it.

In this one-day class, we will categorize the problem and look at various tools to help lessen the problem, while at the same time never losing a piece of legitimate e-mail. (The instructor will deliver the course, unless this multi-million dollar proposal he just received from Nigeria pans out.)


Who should attend

This course is for postmasters and system or network administrators responsible for e-mail security in general, or spam control in particular.


Knowledge of networking and e-mail basics is required. A familiarity with UNIX, Linux, or Solaris is helpful but not necessary.

Not about

This course is not about any one particular product, though will look at some product examples. It is not about non-Internet e-mail. (In other words, it is about SMTP-borne e-mail).